iPhone 5c/5s repair prices keep dropping!

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iPhone 5c/5s repair prices keep dropping! Don’t overpay at the mall or other stores that have huge overhead or corporate cost to cover. I keep my prices to a minimum and get you going for less. When a new device comes out, the new parts cost a small fortune, but as time goes on the price gets reduced dramatically. Because of this price reduction occurs, I am able to lower my price of the service to save you the extra money! Many other repair places lead you on to that the screen is very expensive (and it once was) but as cost drop their prices do not, leaving you overpaying. Give me a call or text to check my most up to date price on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Galaxy device, 330-866-0446.

Akron Canton iPhone Repair is now repairing Galaxy S3 and S4 devices Text 330-866-0446

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Akron Canton iPhone Repair is now repairing Galaxy devices. Last week we added Galaxy S3 & S4 to our “repair menu”. We offer the same great services as with our iPhone repair, we will repair the device while you wait, no need to be without your for days. We have purchased the required equipment to replace just the outside glass, and not have to replace the expensive lcd assembly. Call or text 330-866-0446 to set up a repair appointment.




We are giving away a FREE iPhone or iPod Touch screen repair or color change

June 1st, 2013 2 Comments »

Akron Canton iPhone Repair is giving away a FREE iPhone 4/4s or iPod Touch 4g screen repair. To enter, go to Facebook, “like” the Akron Canton iPhone Repair page, also “like” & “share” the story talking about the free screen change. When I get to 200 likes on the page I will have a drawing to determine the winner. iPhone not broken, save it for later or use it to change the color. Don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you will still want to get in, because we are planning our next giveaway and the prize has nothing to do with iPhones. You can get in on this even if you do not live in the Akron/Canton area! If you win, mail me your device, I will perform the repair and I will pick up the return postage, so all it will cost you is postage to me! Questions or comments, text 330-866-0446.

We Offer Mail-In iPhone Repair Service 330-866-0446

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Whether you broke your iPhone in Lexington Kentucky or Nashville Tennessee, we can help you with our mail-in repair service. Simply call or text us to make arrangements, mail us your device, and we will repair it as soon as it gets in. Often, we get the device back in the mail the same day it gets to us, if not it will be sent out the next morning, we don’t have the device for days on our shelf while waiting on parts. You pay the same price as if you were to walk in for a repair or you use the mail-in service, the only difference is you pay for the postage to us, we will pay for the return postage with insurance. So whether you are in Charlotte North Carolina or or Tulsa Oklahoma, you can take advantage of Akron Canton iPhone Repair’s great prices on repairs on iPhones and iPod Touches.

iPhone 4 / 4s 8x Telephoto Zoom Camera Lens with Tripod

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Are you happy with your iPhone camera capabilities? Do you wish it could do more? Well it can, with this telephoto lens you can zoom in and take photos you could only dream about before. Do you like bird watching, looking at wildlife, this will certainly get you the photos you desire. The kit comes with a case that will snap onto your iPhone 4 or 4s, the telephoto lens, and the tripod. There are no special apps to purchase, just use the native camera app or any other photo apps you currently use. The entire camera kit cost only $29.95 plus shipping.  Works with video or still shots!



iPhone Fixed While You Wait-I’ll Fix Your iPhone the Same Day You Break It!

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Did you break your iPhone screen?  Did you break the back glass on your iPhone?  We fix iPhones while you wait.  Don’t pay extra to have to be without your iPhone for several days to a week!  We fix iPhones many times only hours after they are broken.  While our shop is in East Sparta, our mobile iPhone repair service comes to you!  Need your iPhone fixed, but it’s a weekend?  Call us, we fix iPhones, even on the weekends.

Call or Text Akron Canton iPhone Repair at 330-866-0446 and make an appointment for us to fix your iPhone.

Akron Canton iPhone Repair to be at Jackson Fire Expo

November 13th, 2012 2 Comments »

Akron Canton iPhone Repair will have a booth at the Jackson Fire Expo on Saturday, February 9th and Sunday, February 10th, 2013.  The Jackson Fire Expo is the area’s largest and most successful firefighter continuing education seminar.  The Jackson Fire Expo brings nationally known speakers in the fire service to the Akron-Canton-Massillon area.

For more information, see the Jackson Fire Expo page for firefighter continuing education.

Win a Free iPhone 4 or 4s Color Change-Like Us on Facebook!

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Would you like your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s to be a different color than the boring white or black colors?  January 1, 2013, I will be selecting a Facebook follower to receive a free iPhone color change.  This offer applies only to iPhone 4 or iphone 4S, or  iPod 4th gen (front screen color change only).  If you like us on Facebook and you have a iPod Touch 2nd or 3rd gen device, If you win, I will repair the screen for free, but I cannot change the color of those devices.

No purchase is necessary.  Go to https://www.facebook.com/AkronCantonIPhoneRepair and like us.

Replace iPhone Battery-Call or Text 330-866-0446

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Is your iPhone battery only lasting half of the day now? Does it die much faster than when you purchased the phone? If so, your battery is probably dying. This is not an uncommon issue. The iPhone battery is not designed to be removable, so its replacement is not as easy as snapping off a battery cover and replacing the battery. Fortunately, Akron Canton iPhone Repair offers iPhone Battery Replacement as one of our services. Battery replacement for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s is only $30. If you need your iPhone battery replaced, call or text Akron Canton iPhone Repair at 330-866-0446.

Akron Canton iPhone Repair accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and cash.

Radio Shack Can’t Fix iPhone While You Wait, I Can! 330-866-0446

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Radio Shack cannot fix your iPhone While you wait

.  I can!  

Radio Shack sells a “kit” to fix the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s

.  The Radio Shack website lists the same kit for iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and iPod Touch.  Radio Shack will lure you into the store with the promise of fixing cracked screens for the low price of “Starting at $69.99.”  The sign even shows an iPhone on it.  What Radio Shack doesn’t include on that sign is that the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and iPod touch repair kit is sold for $99.99.  To make matters worse, Radio Shack does not fix the iPhone at the store.  Radio Shack’s “kit” includes shipping to send your iPhone away for the repair.  They assure you that you will have the phone back in 72 hours.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be without my phone for 1 hour.  I do not know if they count Sunday in the 72 hours, but I know that you count it when you are without your phone!

I have a better alternative to Radio Shack’s iPhone Repair model.  If you need your iPhone repaired, call or text Akron Canton iPhone Repair at 330-866-0446.  You can bring your broken device to our storefront in East Sparta, or we can come to you!  We often meet at Starbucks, right next to a Radio Shack in Belden Village.  When you choose Akron Canton iPhone Repair over Radio Shack to repair your broken iPhone screen, you save $30 and have your phone back in about one hour.  We do not send your phone away, like Radio Shack.  If your broken screen is on an iPod Touch, you save $44 over the Radio Shack price, as we only charge $55 to repair an iPod Touch screen!  We will even fix your broken iPhone on Sunday.

Call or Text Akron Canton iPhone Repair at 330-866-0446 and save money over Radio Shack’s iPhone Repair “kit.”


Akron Canton iPhone Repair accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and cash.