Shattered iPhone Screen Fixed While You Wait

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Is your iPhone screen shattered?  An iPhone with a shattered screen can be annoying to say the least.  Your cellular provider will likely tell you that your iPhone with a shattered screen cannot be repaired and that you have to buy a new iPhone.  Apple used to tell people that screens could not be replaced, but now they will fix a shattered iPhone screen, if you pay much more than you should have to.

I fix shattered iPhone screens while you wait, for the RIGHT price.  I have many satisfied customers, who once had shatted iPhone screens, but now have the phone that they love.   If your iPhone screen is shattered, and you would like to change the color of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s, ask about our color change options.  You can have a red iPhone, pink, iPhone, yellow iPhone, neon green iPhone, orange iPhone, even camouflage iPhone.

Callor text 330-866-0446 to inquire about our services.

Canton Ohio Cracked iPhone Screen Repair While You Wait!

July 28th, 2012 22 Comments »

If you live in the Canton, Ohio area, and you have a cracked iPhone  screen or cracked iPod touch screen, I can repair them while you wait!  I keep  the most popular screens in stock, so you should not have to wait for shipping.  Do you have a cracked iPod touch screen?  Many people are not aware that the iPod touch screens can be repaired, they just live with a shattered screen.  If you are in the Canton, East Sparta, Magnolia, Dover, New Philadelphia, Minerva, Beach City, Navarre, Brewster, Massillon, Orville, Wooster, Dalton, Carrollton, or Akron areas, call or text me at 330-866-0446 to make an appointment to fix your cracked iPhone screen or broken iPod screen.

How do I change the color of my iPhone or iPod touch?

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Do you want to change the color of your iPhone or iPod touch? Many people love their iPhones, they just wish that they were available in colors other than white or black. The great news is that in addition to fixing cracked iPhone screens and broken iPod screens, we change the color of iPod screens and change the color of your entire iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. So, if you have ever wanted to have a yellow iPhone, red, iPhone, green iPhone, purple iPhone, or any other color you can think of, call or text 330-866-0446.

Should I Buy Insurance On My iPhone?

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I am going to discuss the ever so popular issue of insurance on your iPhone.  I am asked all of the time by people looking for new phones, “Should I get the insurance on my iPhone?”   While each cell phone carrier has different pricing, so the figures will vary slightly, but the big picture will be the same. I will show you why insurance on your iPhone is a ripoff.  For this example I will use Verizion because I am with them and somewhat know how their iPhone insurance plans work, the prices may changed slightly because I cancelled my iPhone insurance about 1 1/2 years ago.

When my wife and I switched to Verizon to get the iPhone 4, we opted for the insurance, at $12/mo each device for a total over the 2 year contract for both devices of $576. Then we found out if anything happened to our iPhone 4g it would be a mere $169.00 deductible to replace, brining total paid to $749. A new iPhone 4g at the time was only $599. Most people don’t realize their iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad come with a 1 year warranty on software from apple as it is, so for software side of it, you only have to have to make it approx 8 months with no insurance before your eligible for an upgrade. It amazes me how many people carry insurance on their phones after they are eligible for an upgrade, that is throwing money away. Also, if a screen breaks, do the math, $70 for me to repair it, or $457 (insurance for 2 years for 1 device and deductible on new phone).

As you can see, the cell phone companies offer insurance on the iPhone because it makes money for them.  They get you to buy iPhone insurance as an emotional purchase by telling you that if your screen breaks, you will be out $700 for a new phone.  They don’t tell you that there are guys like me that replace cracked iPhone screens all day long for only $70.  They want you to spend “only 12.00 per month” but not calculate that to be $288 over the  2 year contract.  They don’t really explain that even with insurance, you will pay at least double what you should to have your cracked iPhone screen replaced.  You see, iPhone insurance through your cellular provider is pure profit for the provider.  What do they do with that iPhone you turn in with damage?  They repair it and sell it for yet more profit.


iPhone 4g water damage repair

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Here is an iPhone 4g, the phone still worked but the outline of the keyboard and some apps were always visible. The customer stated he took his iPhone to the Apple store and they told him there was no repairing it and he must buy a new phone. He contacted me to see if I could try to fix it. I told him since everything was working, just the image of the keyboard and some apps were always visable, that the lcd screen probably got water damaged. As I started the repair, the water sensors were both red, indicating moisture had indeed been inside the iPhone 4. After removing the screen, the lcd connector was corroded, and the replacement screen had fixed the issue. Not all water damage is repairable, but some times it is, don’t go buy a new phone without checking around first. I will always be glad to give you my opinion on any damage to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.




iPhone 4g back glass replacement

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So this repair was really unique, most of the time when people drop and crack their iPhone screen or back cover, they know it right away. This iPhone repair was for a friend of a family member, she says she has dropped it several times but it was always ok. Well one day she went to go jogging and as always takes her iPhone 4g along to listen to music. She placed it in the arm band that she has and went on her way. After the run, she removed her iPhone to find her back cover was shattered. So she figured she’d use the iPhone until she was eligible for an upgrade, but after she was referred to me by a friend, the price to repair was good for her. She told me this will allow her to put off upgrading since she is not made of money! I am attaching a few photos of the back glass on this iPhone, this repair was done outside so the photos are cool looking. The final product looks and feels just like the original iPhone 4g back glass cover. The photo with the reflections of the clouds is really neat, it appears the apple logo is the sun, also the Apple logo is not really blue, I was trying to shield the sun with the lid of my work box. The job was done in a short time and she was really happy to be able to extend the life of her iPhone 4 with this repair.





Jailbreaking iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad

July 11th, 2012 1 Comment »

Many people are unaware of what it is to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. This post is going to give you an example of some customizing that is available when you jailbreak. Themes are a good reason some jailbreak, whether you’re a Browns, Buckeyes, Steelers, Taylor Swift, or a particular movie fan, there is a theme for you. Below are some examples that I downloaded to show what all is able to be customized. I took the movie “Ghostbusters”, I downloaded the theme from cydia, it all was free and legal to download. I was able to install a “Slimer” slider and change the text that appears, also I got a ghost wifi indicator, full wifi signal the full image appears. As the signal diminishes, so does the image, same for the cellular “bars”. When you plug your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad in, it displays the Ghostbusters logo, when the battery is less than 100%, it glows and the percentage your battery is is the percentage that glows on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. When the battery is full it no longer glows and it just displays the image as shown below. I just browsed the cydia store, and saw there are thousands of available themes for your jailbroken iDevice. So whether your a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge person, there is customization available to you.
Jailbreak also opens up avenues for pre made ringtones, games, and shortcuts above what is available through the app store and almost everything I mentioned is available for free and legally through cydia.




iPhone 4g back glass repair

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This is a costumer’s phone, he dropped this while doing car repair. He actually had a small piece of glass go in his hand, so he decided it was best to get it replaced. Thank You Chad!




iPhone 4g front screen repair

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So a co-worker’s family member broke her screen by dropping it. My co-worker referred her to me, we ordered a screen and installed it. Good as new in the final product. Thank you Ryan!





iPod Screen replacement/color change

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So to start off, here is the finished product. A friend of mine who has a daughter, dropped her iPod Touch 4th generation, well she was heart broken. She thought it was ruined, as do a lot of people when they see their screen shatter in front of their eyes. We discussed all the options, staying with the original white, but he wanted something different. So we were discussing several options, staying with the white screen and put a black home button on, going with a black screen with a white home button. He wanted WAY different, so I discussed all the color options with him, blue, yellow, orange, pink, red, baby blue, green, or purple. Well his daughter is obsessed with pink, so he decided to go with pink, since this is her iPod Touch. She was so happy to finally have her iPod back and it to stand out from all of her friends!