Think Your iPhone Can’t Be Repaired?

April 29th, 2013 No Comments »

Think your iPhone or iPod Touch can not be repaired? Try me, if I can’t repair your iPhone or iPod Touch, I don’t charge you. The pictures with this are of an iPhone 4s the owner of it ran over it with a lawn mower, his son convinced him to allow me to to try to repair the iPhone. He had told his son “No way that thing can be fixed”, in fact, he was ready to go spend another $400-$500 on a new one. After a few hours of “tinkering” the iPhone was starting to take shape, a new front screen, new rear cover, and some time straightening the frame, it looked a lot like a new iPhone. The cost of repair was significantly less than buying a new iPhone, and still less than turning it in on insurance if he had it. Had the iPhone not worked after all of the time I had into it, the customer wouldn’t have had to pay anything, can Radio Shack or the “place in the mall” say the same thing? I bet they would have shrugged their shoulders and not even try.