Are you having trouble charging your phone? Call or text 330-866-0446

May 8th, 2015 No Comments »

Are you having a tough time to get your phone to charge? Are you having to do “the combination” to get it to charge? I would suggest trying a new wire first, or try another phone with that wire to see if it does the same thing. Another common issue on the new style iPhone plugs, is the port in the phone gets filled up with pocket lint and does not allow the plug to make good contact. You can easily see for yourself if this is the case by plugging your wire into the phone, if the shoulder does not rest on the phone, lint is a good possibility of the cause. I clean charging ports out for free. If that is not the problem, I can help you out determine the problem and fix it. A few photos below show the wire in this iPhone 5 not resting in proper place, causing the owner to have to preform a combination to get his phone to charge. The picture of the plug resting fully against phone is after I cleaned the port out, and charging was returned to normal.