Canton Ohio Cracked iPhone Screen Repair While You Wait!

If you live in the Canton, Ohio area, and you have a cracked iPhone  screen or cracked iPod touch screen, I can repair them while you wait!  I keep  the most popular screens in stock, so you should not have to wait for shipping.  Do you have a cracked iPod touch screen?  Many people are not aware that the iPod touch screens can be repaired, they just live with a shattered screen.  If you are in the Canton, East Sparta, Magnolia, Dover, New Philadelphia, Minerva, Beach City, Navarre, Brewster, Massillon, Orville, Wooster, Dalton, Carrollton, or Akron areas, call or text me at 330-866-0446 to make an appointment to fix your cracked iPhone screen or broken iPod screen.

18 Responses to “Canton Ohio Cracked iPhone Screen Repair While You Wait!”

  1. Summer Oney Says:

    I am in need of an iphone 4s screen replacement. I also believe some of the LCD fluid has leaked. Are you able to fix this? where are you located? Thanks

  2. thomas vasilliu Says:

    I hsve a fourth generation ipod touch the screen needs replaced

  3. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    The repair is $55. I work by appointment so you never have to leave your device. Call or text 330-866-0446 to set up a repair.

  4. Brandy Says:

    I have an Apple iPad screen I need fixed do u do those

  5. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Sorry, currently we only do iPhones and iPod Touches. Thanks for checking with me!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Where is the approximate location of the appt if we make one to get an IPod Touch screen fixed? My son cracked his today. I am just wondering how far away you are or how this works. Thanks!

  7. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    The address to my shop is
    9535 Main Ave
    East Sparta OH 44626.
    Call or text 330-866-0446 to set up a repair.

  8. Amy Lorentz Says:

    I need an iPod touch screen replaced (cracked)

  9. Nicole Renicker Says:

    I’m a teacher in Canton :) Just wondering if you happen to fix RCA tablets? Thanks!

  10. Dave Says:

    Doing iPad repairs yet?

  11. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Yes, we are doing iPad 1/2/3/4g repairs!

  12. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Sorry, not currently.

  13. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    You contacted the right price! Call or Text 330-866-0446

  14. Scott Says:

    Are you still doing IPOD touch screen repairs? I live in Akron

  15. Scott Says:

    and how much?

  16. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Yes we do! Call or text 330-866-0446 to schedule an appointment.

  17. jessica Says:

    Do you do screens other than iPhones? I have a galaxy s 3

  18. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    I fix most cell phones. The lcd/glass repair on the S3 is $140.

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