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Recently, I had a customer stop in my shop when her phone screen stopped working.  She said that she had just had her phone repaired at a competitor’s business and that business would not stand behind their repair.  As a local business, we always go the extra mile for my customers.  Maybe that is why we have had people drive from as far away as Cleveland to have their phones repaired.  Anyway, this lady lived in Dover and drove to our shop in East Sparta to have me look at her phone and why the brand new screen was not working.  As soon as I opened the phone, I discovered that there were several parts missing.  These are odd parts to be missing and they are not parts that would fail and need replaced.  These are screws and metal plates that we are talking about, but they serve a very important function.  I was able to get her phone working for her, but two weeks later, her screen stopped working again because of the missing parts that the “repair facility” left out.  This customer called the person that repaired her phone the first time and asked for her missing parts back.  The repair person yelled at her and hung up.  I am not mentioning the name of the shop or the repair person, as this post is not about tearing them down, but it is about watching where you do business.  This “repair facility” is actually just somebody’s house.  This poor lady was required (by the other guy) to drop her phone off, wait four days for parts to arrive, then was given a phone that did not have all of the necessary parts reinstalled.


Please folks, don’t trust your phone to just anybody who says that they can fix it.  This has been our only business for seven years now.  Seven years of serving the Akron/Canton, Dover, East Sparta, Magnolia, Waynesburg, and New Philadelphia areas.  We have an actual shop, not just a house. We have an investment and an interest in making the company succeed, which means that we treat customers fairly.   Call to schedule your appointment and have your iPhone repaired WHILE YOU WAIT.


Dover Ohio iPhone Repair

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Did you know that Akron Canton iPhone Repair is located just north of the Tuscarawas County line?  We keep parts in stock so that our customers in Dover do not have to wait for days to get a phone repaired.  We are located just minutes north of Dover in East Sparta.  There have been many competitors that have come and gone that promised phone repair service to our Dover customers, but we are the only local shop that repairs the device, while you wait, in our shop.  We don’t expect you to leave a phone for days while parts are ordered.  Who wants to be without their phone while waiting for parts to arrive?  Akron Canton iPhone Repair is the original repair shop for customers in southern Stark County and Tuscarawas County.  We stand behind our work.  Don’t trust your phone to just anybody who says they can fix it in their kitchen.

If your phone needs repaired and you are located in Dover, call or text us to schedule your appointment to have your phone repaired while you wait!


Kindle Fire Charging Port Stopped Working? We Can Fix It!

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Has your Kindle Fire charging port stopped working?  You are not alone.  We get calls all of the time from customers who have a Kindle Fire that the charging port has stopped working on.  The good news is that the Kindle Fire that you got for Christmas is not junk!  Akron Canton iPhone Repair can repair Kindle Fire charging ports.  The charging port repair on the Kindle Fire requires special tools and skills, as it is soldered to the motherboard.  Kindle Fire charging port replacements are one of the few repairs that we do not do in our own shop.  We dismantle your Kindle Fire and send the motherboard out to a specialist.  The turn around time for most Kindle Fire charging port replacements is about 4 days.  We have repaired many charging ports on many different devices and are very happy with the results.  As of this writing, the price for this repair is $50 (be sure to check our pricing page for most current prices).

To schedule your Kindle Fire charging port repair, call Akron Canton iPhone Repair at 330-866-0446.




Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Port Stopped Working? Call Us!

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Has your Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging port stopped working?  If so, call Akron Canton iPhone Repair to schedule an appointment or mail in repair.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a high rate of charging port failure.  We see many of these in our shop. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE CHARGING PORT ON YOUR OWN!  The Samsung Galaxy S3 charging port is soldered to the motherboard and requires special equipment and skills to replace.  This is one of the few repairs that we do not do in our own shop.  We dismantle the phone and send the motherboard to a specialist to be repaired.  The turnaround time is about 4 days.  As of this writing, our price for this repair is $50 but be sure to see our pricing page for current prices.

Don’t worry about being without a phone during that time.  Akron Canton iPhone Repair will supply you with a free loaner phone while your Galaxy S3 charging port is being replaced.

To schedule your Samsung Galaxy S3 charging port repair, call us at 330-866-0446.