Are you having trouble charging your phone? Call or text 330-866-0446

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Are you having a tough time to get your phone to charge? Are you having to do “the combination” to get it to charge? I would suggest trying a new wire first, or try another phone with that wire to see if it does the same thing. Another common issue on the new style iPhone plugs, is the port in the phone gets filled up with pocket lint and does not allow the plug to make good contact. You can easily see for yourself if this is the case by plugging your wire into the phone, if the shoulder does not rest on the phone, lint is a good possibility of the cause. I clean charging ports out for free. If that is not the problem, I can help you out determine the problem and fix it. A few photos below show the wire in this iPhone 5 not resting in proper place, causing the owner to have to preform a combination to get his phone to charge. The picture of the plug resting fully against phone is after I cleaned the port out, and charging was returned to normal.  




Mail in service no longer means you don’t have a phone! Call or text 330-866-0446

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Shattered iPhone Screen

Free loaner phone available so you don’t have to try to use THIS.

Don’t like the idea of mailing your phone to take advantage our great prices because you won’t have a phone to use while your device gets repaired? We have come up with a solution to this obstacle with our FREE loaner phone program. We have a limited number of loaner phones for you to use while your iPhone or other cell phone gets repaired. How does the program work? It is simple, you contact us and make arrangements with us get your device fixed. After payment is made thru Pay Pal or sending us a check along with a $30 deposit , we will drop the loaner phone in the mail to you with a return label to mail us your phone to be worked on. After your device is fixed, we mail your phone back and give you another shipping label to return the loaner phone. After the loaned is returned undamaged and iCloud is cleared, your $30 deposit will be refunded. This program will not cost you any more than the cost of repairing in the shop, thats right, the loan a phone program is FREE, and so is the shipping. The only additional cost is if your an Ohio resident there will be 6.5% sales tax added. I doubt you get this type of service at Best Buy! Call or text 330-866-0446 for further info or to get your loan a phone reserved! The loaner phone will be an iPhone or other smart phone, you do not have to worry about trying to send text messages from a number pad!


Thinking of Repairing Your iPhone Yourself? Check Out This Consumer Reports Article, 330-866-0446

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Thinking of repairing your iPhone or other device yourself? Check out this article from Consumer Reports. Out of the 7 they tried, only 5 got repaired. The fastest repair was an hour and half and with assistance of a Youtube video and help from another person. If you have attempted to repair your iPhone and struggling to get it reassembled, call or text us and we will be happy to get you going again.


Think your iPhone is too damaged to be repaired? Try us call or text 330-866-0446

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Think your iPhone is too damaged for repair? Try us, if we can’t fix it there is no charge, ever. That’s right, if your questioning if that water damaged iPhone can be fixed or not you can have the answer to that for FREE. Typically we can have an answer for you and an estimate within 30 minutes. Car ran over your device? There is a good chance we can fix that too! Give us a try, if your not satisfied you don’t pay. What do you have to lose? Call or text 330-866-0446 to set up a repair appointment.




We are giving away a FREE iPhone or iPod Touch screen repair or color change

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Akron Canton iPhone Repair is giving away a FREE iPhone 4/4s or iPod Touch 4g screen repair. To enter, go to Facebook, “like” the Akron Canton iPhone Repair page, also “like” & “share” the story talking about the free screen change. When I get to 200 likes on the page I will have a drawing to determine the winner. iPhone not broken, save it for later or use it to change the color. Don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you will still want to get in, because we are planning our next giveaway and the prize has nothing to do with iPhones. You can get in on this even if you do not live in the Akron/Canton area! If you win, mail me your device, I will perform the repair and I will pick up the return postage, so all it will cost you is postage to me! Questions or comments, text 330-866-0446.

iPhone 4 / 4s 8x Telephoto Zoom Camera Lens with Tripod

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Are you happy with your iPhone camera capabilities? Do you wish it could do more? Well it can, with this telephoto lens you can zoom in and take photos you could only dream about before. Do you like bird watching, looking at wildlife, this will certainly get you the photos you desire. The kit comes with a case that will snap onto your iPhone 4 or 4s, the telephoto lens, and the tripod. There are no special apps to purchase, just use the native camera app or any other photo apps you currently use. The entire camera kit cost only $29.95 plus shipping.  Works with video or still shots!