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Did you know that Akron Canton iPhone Repair is located just north of the Tuscarawas County line?  We keep parts in stock so that our customers in Dover do not have to wait for days to get a phone repaired.  We are located just minutes north of Dover in East Sparta.  There have been many competitors that have come and gone that promised phone repair service to our Dover customers, but we are the only local shop that repairs the device, while you wait, in our shop.  We don’t expect you to leave a phone for days while parts are ordered.  Who wants to be without their phone while waiting for parts to arrive?  Akron Canton iPhone Repair is the original repair shop for customers in southern Stark County and Tuscarawas County.  We stand behind our work.  Don’t trust your phone to just anybody who says they can fix it in their kitchen.

If your phone needs repaired and you are located in Dover, call or text us to schedule your appointment to have your phone repaired while you wait!


Get your iPhone, iPad or most cell phones repaired while you watch and wait. Call or text 330-866-0446

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At Akron Canton iPhone Repair, we repair a wide range of cell phones and tablets, not just iPhones! Most parts for iPhones are in stock and repairs usually take less than 30 minutes while you wait, we even welcome you to watch the procedure. For cell phones and tablets that we do not stock the parts, we order your part in, (we never require a deposit) then when they come in I have you schedule an appointment and the repair is done while you wait. Call or text us for up to date pricing and/or to schedule an appointment for repair, 330-866-0446! 

We repair more than just iPhones, we repair most cell phones and some tablets.

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While the name of our business is Akron Canton iPhone Repair leads you on to think we only repair iPhones, we repair most major smart phones. We had many request to repair more devices because “the place at the mall” and other places would not even get these people a quote, because they limited their business to strictly iDevices. While we do not keep inventory of parts for other phones, we can get them from our supplier. There are just too many devices with different colors and different carriers for us to logistically keep it all in stock. No deposit is needed on most orders, just your word is all that is needed, and if your phone is not functioning, feel free to take advantage of out FREE loan a phone if one is available. I order the parts on your word so you do not have to make 2 trips and waste your valuable time to get me a deposit. After your part comes in I will call/text you and make an appointment for repair, most repairs are 30 minutes long. We have successfully repaired many Samsung Galaxy devices, numerous LG G2, Droid MAXX, Evo, and Motorola Razr just to name a few. It is helpful to have the model number when calling for a quote, as several of these devices are very similar but the price range varies.

Mail in service no longer means you don’t have a phone! Call or text 330-866-0446

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Shattered iPhone Screen

Free loaner phone available so you don’t have to try to use THIS.

Don’t like the idea of mailing your phone to take advantage our great prices because you won’t have a phone to use while your device gets repaired? We have come up with a solution to this obstacle with our FREE loaner phone program. We have a limited number of loaner phones for you to use while your iPhone or other cell phone gets repaired. How does the program work? It is simple, you contact us and make arrangements with us get your device fixed. After payment is made thru Pay Pal or sending us a check along with a $30 deposit , we will drop the loaner phone in the mail to you with a return label to mail us your phone to be worked on. After your device is fixed, we mail your phone back and give you another shipping label to return the loaner phone. After the loaned is returned undamaged and iCloud is cleared, your $30 deposit will be refunded. This program will not cost you any more than the cost of repairing in the shop, thats right, the loan a phone program is FREE, and so is the shipping. The only additional cost is if your an Ohio resident there will be 6.5% sales tax added. I doubt you get this type of service at Best Buy! Call or text 330-866-0446 for further info or to get your loan a phone reserved! The loaner phone will be an iPhone or other smart phone, you do not have to worry about trying to send text messages from a number pad!


Thinking of Repairing Your iPhone Yourself? Check Out This Consumer Reports Article, 330-866-0446

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Thinking of repairing your iPhone or other device yourself? Check out this article from Consumer Reports. Out of the 7 they tried, only 5 got repaired. The fastest repair was an hour and half and with assistance of a Youtube video and help from another person. If you have attempted to repair your iPhone and struggling to get it reassembled, call or text us and we will be happy to get you going again.


Tuscarawas County iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Repair – Call or Text 330-866-0446

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With few options in Dover, New Philadelphia, and Tuscarawas County to get your Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad or other electronic device repaired, give us a try! We are located 20 minutes north of New Towne mall in New Philly. We offer very competitive prices for our professional repairs, sure, you may find a cheaper price, but do you really want to leave your expensive iPhone or Galaxy with someone you just met in the parking lot of the mall, with the promise they will return it later? We keep most parts in stock for repairs and with the average iPhone repair taking just 30 minutes, you are only without your device for a short time. Interested how the repair process works? We welcome to watch the process, our shop is set up with chairs facing the repair table, and are happy to answer any question that you might have. So before meeting a guy in a parking lot, only to repair your phone out of the trunk of his car, or take it home and tell you it will take a few hours to repair, give us a call and don’t let the name Akron Canton iPhone Repair fool you, it might as well be New Philadelphia / Dover iPhone Repair. We are located at 9535 Main Ave East Sparta 44626, thats 15 minutes north of Dover on St Rt 800 just 1 mile north of the Tuscarawas county line. Call or text us for an appointment or for pricing, 330-866-0446.

We Offer Mail-In iPhone Repair Service 330-866-0446

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Whether you broke your iPhone in Lexington Kentucky or Nashville Tennessee, we can help you with our mail-in repair service. Simply call or text us to make arrangements, mail us your device, and we will repair it as soon as it gets in. Often, we get the device back in the mail the same day it gets to us, if not it will be sent out the next morning, we don’t have the device for days on our shelf while waiting on parts. You pay the same price as if you were to walk in for a repair or you use the mail-in service, the only difference is you pay for the postage to us, we will pay for the return postage with insurance. So whether you are in Charlotte North Carolina or or Tulsa Oklahoma, you can take advantage of Akron Canton iPhone Repair’s great prices on repairs on iPhones and iPod Touches.

Replace iPhone Battery-Call or Text 330-866-0446

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Is your iPhone battery only lasting half of the day now? Does it die much faster than when you purchased the phone? If so, your battery is probably dying. This is not an uncommon issue. The iPhone battery is not designed to be removable, so its replacement is not as easy as snapping off a battery cover and replacing the battery. Fortunately, Akron Canton iPhone Repair offers iPhone Battery Replacement as one of our services. Battery replacement for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s is only $30. If you need your iPhone battery replaced, call or text Akron Canton iPhone Repair at 330-866-0446.

Akron Canton iPhone Repair accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and cash.