Kindle Fire Charging Port Stopped Working? We Can Fix It!

Has your Kindle Fire charging port stopped working?  You are not alone.  We get calls all of the time from customers who have a Kindle Fire that the charging port has stopped working on.  The good news is that the Kindle Fire that you got for Christmas is not junk!  Akron Canton iPhone Repair can repair Kindle Fire charging ports.  The charging port repair on the Kindle Fire requires special tools and skills, as it is soldered to the motherboard.  Kindle Fire charging port replacements are one of the few repairs that we do not do in our own shop.  We dismantle your Kindle Fire and send the motherboard out to a specialist.  The turn around time for most Kindle Fire charging port replacements is about 4 days.  We have repaired many charging ports on many different devices and are very happy with the results.  As of this writing, the price for this repair is $50 (be sure to check our pricing page for most current prices).

To schedule your Kindle Fire charging port repair, call Akron Canton iPhone Repair at 330-866-0446.




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