Our repair shop is located in East Sparta OH. We are 7.5 miles from Interstate 77 and Cleveland Ave (RT 800)
Akron Canton iPhone Repair
9535 Main Ave SE
East Sparta, OH 44626

6 Responses to “Location”

  1. Kathy Says:

    What time do you open?

  2. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    I work by appointment, call or text 330-866-0446 to set one up. I have very flexible hours to accommodate all my customers.

  3. arabella Says:

    i have the replacement front screen for my iphone 4 verizon. But I need someone to put it on. Do you do that with my parts? What is the charge. Didn’t see that listed.

  4. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Yes, I will gladly install your part. The cost is $45.

  5. mary Says:

    I have an iPhone 5c with a severely cracked screen. How much to replace and how soon can you do it?

  6. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    We charge $95. We work by appointment and repair it while you wait, the process takes just 20 minutes. I can get you in just about any time your available, call or text 330-866-0446.

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