The following is a general guide for pricing, it should close but can slightly vary depending on problems with your device.

Screen Replacement:

iPhone 6s Plus white or black $150.00

iPhone 6s white or black $110.00

iPhone SE white or black $85.00

iPhone 6plus white or black $100.00

iPhone 6 front white or black  $85.00

iPhone 5s front white or black $70.00

iPhone 5c front $70.00

iPhone 5 front white or black $70.00
iPhone 4s white or black $60.00
iPhone 4 white or black $60.00
iPod Touch 5g/6g            $90.00
iPod Touch 4g $50.00
iPod Touch 3g $35.00
iPod Touch 2g $35.00
iPod Touch 2/3g lcd screen replacement adtl $25.00
Color Change Kit iPhone 4/4s $100.00
Color Change iPod Touch 4g $65.00
iPad Air  1st gen $100
iPad Mini  1st/2nd gen $100
iPad 2/3/4g outer glass $100.00
iPad 2/3/4g lcd (in addition to outer glass) $90.00
Galaxy S3 LCD assembly $100.00
Galaxy S4 LCD assembly $150.00

Galaxy S5 LCD assembly $200.00

Galaxy S6 LCD assembly $225.00

Back Glass Replacement:
iPhone 4/4s $20.00

Battery Replacement

iPhone 6s/6plus $50.00

iPhone 6/6plus $40.00
iPhone 5c/5s $30.00
iPhone 5. $30.00
iPhone 4/4s $30.00

Power Button
iPhone 5 $60.00
iPhone 4/4s $45.00

Home Button

iPhone 6/6plus $60.00
iPhone 5c/5s $50.00
iPhone 5 $40.00
iPhone 4/4s $40.00
iPod Touch 4g $45.00

Charging Port

iPhone 6s/6splus $60

iPhone 6/6plus $60
iPhone 5c/5s $50.00
iPhone 5 $50.00
iPhone 4/4s $40.00

Jailbreaking an iDevice $15.00

22 Responses to “Pricing”

  1. Scott Urban Says:

    I would like to have you fix my sons I pod touch 4th generation it needs a new screen were are you located and when can I have you fix it

    Thanks Scott Urban


  2. Cindy Taylor Says:

    My daughter home button is stuck are you ale to repair this?

  3. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Yes, we repair home buttons on numerous devices. Please let me know what kind of device you have and I can get you an exact quote.

  4. Pam Says:

    My daughter dropped her ipod 4th generation, is it able to be repaired? If so what do you charge? Thanks in advance

  5. Ben Preiss Says:

    I have an iPad Mini 16 GB Black Wifi Only with a cracked screen do you replace the screens and if so how much thanks.

  6. Angie Walsh Says:

    The charging port on my daughter’s i-pod touch is broken. I see that you fix these on i-phones. Are you able to fix them on i-pods as well and if o how much would it cost?

  7. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    I cannot replace the dock connector on the iPod Touch. I do however offer an exchange service, for $130 and your old iPod, I will get you a brand new one.

  8. Hannah Hunt Says:

    My iPod touch 5th gen was stepped on. The screen is shattered and the sensors are a little screwy, I bought it in June 2013 for $340 and I am trying to get it fixed so I can sell it. Would I be able to trade it in? If so, how do I go about doing that? If not, how much will it cost me to get it repaired?

  9. Jason Hart Says:

    My original iPad mini’s screen is cracked, do you repair and how much?

  10. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    I’m sorry, currently we don’t repair the iPad Mini. We are looking into possibly doing these in the near future.

  11. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Unfortunately the screens on the 5th gen are still very expensive. The repair cost is $150.

  12. Jamie Says:

    I have an IPhone 4, and today the screen got shattered when someone knocked it out of my hand, I live about 2-3 hours from akron, would I be able to mail it to you?

  13. Kris Rogers Says:

    My ipad2 screen is cracked. How would I know if the LCD needs replaced as well? I can see everything fine on the screen so I’m thinking it’s just the glass.

  14. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    If you can see everything on the screen it is likely the LCD can be reused. The cost of the digitizer (front glass) on the iPad 2 is $100.

  15. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Sure, I offer fast mail in service. I get the devices mailed back the next business day. I even pick up the tab on the return shipping!

  16. josue Says:

    hey I dropped my iPhone 5s how much eould it be to fix? and do you all fix this?

  17. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Yes we do fix this! It is $95.

  18. Nicole Says:

    I have a iphone 4s, 5 and ipad mini that need new front screens. How much will it cost for all 3 and how long will it take?

  19. Jennifer Says:

    My gray/silver iPhone 6 screen shattered one week after I got it :( Where are you located and can you replace an iPhone 6 screen?

  20. Becky Says:

    I have an iphone 5c that needs the front screen replaced. I was wondering if the pricing on the website was still up to date? I really need to get this repaired, its not a big crack (bottom left corner, and to the home button) please contact me as soon as possible. I just got this phone and my carrier wont allow me to put insurance on my plan for some reason. Thank you!

  21. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Sure, a simple screen replacement is all that is needed, it takes 15 minutes while you wait, and it is usually 1/2 price of the insurance deductible.

  22. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Sure, it is $125, I repair it while you wait. My shop is at 9535 Main Ave East Sparta 44626

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