Radio Shack iPhone Repair, Only If You Can Send Your Phone Away!

Do you need your iPhone fixed today?  Call or text 330-866-0446, even on weekends.  Many people are surprised when they call on Sunday and we answer the phone.  They are even more surprised when we fix their broken iPhone on a Sunday.

I was at Radio Shack to buy some solder for a job and noticed that they fix iPhone screens “Starting at $69.99.”  I went back in to ask about the service, as they charge the same price as my business does.  It turns out that Radio Shack does not actually fix your iPhone screen in the store.  It also turns out that the iPhone 4 and 4s repair is $99.99, not the “Starting at $69.99″ that is on the sign.  The promise that you can have your phone back in 72 hours.

I have a better plan to fix your broken iPhone screen.  Call or text Akron Canton iPhone Repair at 330-866-0446 and save $30.  The best part of the service from Akron Canton iPhone Repair is that we replace your screen while you wait and watch.  You are without your phone for less than one hour, not 72!

The bigger crime is that Radio Shack sells the same $99.99 kit to fix your iPod Touch.  You still have to send your iPod away for 3 days.  Akron Canton iPhone Repair will do the same repair while you wait for $55.00!

10 Responses to “Radio Shack iPhone Repair, Only If You Can Send Your Phone Away!”

  1. Karla Says:

    What if I don’t live in the same state?

  2. Ashley Says:

    Where are u located

  3. Walter Says:

    Not anymore sir starting next week radioshack can fix a phone the Same day you come and bring it is a brand new program that the company is investing money on so it gives you the reliability our company brand has to offer and quicker than any mom and dad store which in most cases does not offer a warranty after fixing their phones like we do at no cost!! Is radioshack so let’s do it together! (:

  4. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    The address to my shop is 9535 Main Ave East Sparta, OH 44626

  5. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    I offer mail in repair service, I even pick up the tab on the return postage!

  6. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Radio Shack’s program rolled out in “selected markets” and only select stores. We are not in Radio Shack’s selected market. We investigated Radio Shack’s process, we are $40 less on a 5s and we offer a 6 month warranty and all repairs take just about 30 minutes. When on the phone with Radio Shack, we were told to expect 2 hours.

  7. Scott Says:

    I dont know. Radio Shack fixes phones in my town in an hour or less. They have turned the market around down here. People would rather trust a million dollar company then a mom and pop shop cause they know at Radio Shack that they will taken care of. Just my opinion.

  8. Evan Phillips Says:

    Exceptionally fascinating piece

  9. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    Thank you! Love hearing feedback!

  10. kevinmckinney3 Says:

    They may fix them on site in some markets, but not the market we are in. Last I looked, there are no more Radio Shacks in my market area.

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