What is Jailbreaking?

What is Jailbreaking?
Jailbreaking is a term used when an iDevice has been modified to allow 3rd party apps to be installed on your device. Apple has blocked all apps from being allowed to be installed unless it has been approved by Apple. Jailbreaking is legal and is completely reversible if undesired or need to take phone in for warranty, however, jailbreaking allows people to pirate apps which that is illegal and we do not support such activity. Some reasons people jailbreak,
-customizing your phone
-free apps
-cydia app store
-tethering to your computer via usb or bluetooth
-completely customize your layout
-change ringtones/sms tones
-add unlimited items to folders
-backgrounds for the sms screen
-block unwanted phone calls
-set other browsers as the custom ios browser. (links will open in the browser of your choice)
-put icons anywhere
-add widgets to homescreen
-Add more icons to the dock
-Use the phone while syncing (older iOS)
-Use your iphone as a wifi adapter for your computer
-Video game emulators
-Browse your iphone file system
-Multitasking on older iphones/ipod touches
-unlocking the baseband for use with other networks
-watch youtube videos in HD over the 3G network
-Facetime on the 3G network

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